About CYFC

  • The mission: To “Take Good News relevantly to every young person in Coventry“. CYFC is committed to long-term investment and transformation of young people across the city.
  • The vision: To see the church empowered to invest in long-term outreach to young people.
  • The dream: That every young person in our city is engaged in at least one meaningful supportive relationship with a Christian role model.


Demonstrate God’s love

Declare relevantly the good news about Jesus

Decision: giving young people the chance to accept Christ as their Saviour

Disciple: Serve the local church by providing both evangelistic and discipleship resources


The Mission

CYFC has worked across the city since it was established in 1982, with a vision to see every young person in Coventry reached with the Good News of Jesus. In it’s history, CYFC has used many innovative approaches to achieve this huge goal, including;

  • week long summer residentials
  • involvement in school lessons, clubs and assemblies
  • running community based projects for young people

Our mission is fulfilled through the pursuits of the following principles:

  • Integrity: We place high priority on doing every activity out of a place of conviction and desire to see young lives changed – ‘doing what we say we are going to do.’
  • Excellence: The focus of CYFC is on doing everything to the highest standard with the aim of having a significant impact locally, rather than spreading the team too thinly across the city and having a wider, but less sustainable focus.
  • Identity: We are committed to helping young people expand their perspective to make them aware of life’s possibilities.
  • Inclusivity: We are committed to engaging with young people, no matter what their faith, gender, sexuality or family background. Their involvement with CYFC is not dependant on  them becoming Christians. Although we seek to share God’s love with young people, in many settings this is not shared explicity due to the inappriopriateness and abuse of the setting (e.g. in mentoring)
  • Community: An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. CYFC wants to develop partnerships that aim to create an environment where young people feel cared for, supported and part of a valued journey.
  • Journey: We want to expand the perspective of young people to help them realise their full potential, see the opportunities available to them and encourage them at every stage.


The Vision

Our vision is to develop our work in partnership with local schools, churches and community groups, building on this rich heritage, equipping and empowering geographically linked churches and agencies to work collaboratively and develop long term strategy for engaging with young people and helping them to realise their full potential and discover Jesus for themselves.

More recently we have developed a Youth Cafe network by supporting local churches to use this simple model to engage with young people from their local communities. Youth Cafes are simple tool that churches can use to invest in young people, by building important role model relationships with Christian youth leaders, to impact the lives of teens and also local communities. You can find out more about Drench Youth Cafes here.


The Dream

Our ultimate dream is to see every young person in the city engaged in some meaningful and positive role model relationship with Christian adults. We believe the church has an incredible opportunity to open it’s doors and heart to envelope young people into their building.

With single parent families and general family breakdown on the increase, we believe it is of vital importance that young people have individuals around them who can offer wisdom and insight into their lives and help young people discover their own abilities and rise to their full potential.

Our dream is to work with the local church to equip and mobilise them in their outreach to young people – whether that’s through training, supporting in setting up a youth cafe or supporting the existing youth work with city wide initiatives such as Youth Alpha. Chatterbox or city wide events.