What are we doing:

Although the ministry of CYFC is vast, All of our activities and projects have a key underlying focus: to motivate and equip local people to engage with the young people in their area. Some of our current projects are listed below.

City-wide events

One of our key values is to build relationship with local leaders – out of this we can work more effectively in partnership that works towards organising city wide events that unite young people and their groups.

We have been involved in organising and running a 24/7 Prayer Week, Olympic style Village Games, social action mission events like Hunger4Hope and a youth focused Pentecost celebration in the city centre.

Cov:net youth leader network

The Cov:net youth leaders network has been running for several years where youth leaders can engage with other youth ministries, build strong friendships, pray for the city, and engage in collaborative city-wide youth outreach projects. Meeting on an alternating monthly basis for prayer and social activity, the network is steadily growing and we are excited to see how it develops over coming months.

Youth Alpha

Youth alpha is a 10 week course which encourages young people to explore issues of faith in a fun, safe, youth focussed environment. Youth alpha is open to young people from local churches and their friends, running throughout the Autumn term each year. The course is also intended to be one of our “springboard” programmes for young people who have attended a local Drench youth cafe and are keen to journey through the basics of the Christian faith with their peers.

Drench youth cafes

Youth Cafes are designed with young people in mind and are a simple model that churches can use to connect with young people from their local community. They offer young people a safe “third space” to drop in to and hang out with their friends.

A key goal of the youth cafe, is to encourage participation of young people. Offering responsibility to young people at the cafe will increase their confidence, ability and level of commitment. Ultimately, this will enable young people to impact their own generation and make a positive contribution to their own communities.

Drench Youth Cafes offer simple activities for young people, from xbox/playstation games to sporty games in a hall or outside area, arts and crafts activities, pool or table tennis tournaments or favourite youth cafe games such as Irish snap, Jungle Speed, Dobble or Uno.

For info on your nearest Drench Cafe, click here.

Work in schools

As CYFC, we are passionate about supporting churches as they engage with young people in their local schools. This can be through a variety of ways such as Christian Union support, lunchtime chaplaincy, or more formal religious education classroom work. Having the opportunity to work with young people in the school environment is a massive privilege and the team are keen to support and encourage churches to engage in this work wherever possible.

Year 6 transition support

Moving from primary to secondary school is a significant time in every young person’s life and can be a stressful time as children come to terms with being a small fish in a much bigger pond.

Transition support is an excellence way for churches to engage with year 6 pupils from local schools as they prepare for their big move to secondary school and we love to support churches in this process.

These courses can be run as a single assembly, a series of classroom based activities or even as a full day programme that could bring a number of primary schools together, enabling pupils to explore their journey with those who will be attending the same school.
Whether you need help with finding resources to use or running the transition course from start to finish, the CYFC Team could come and help you make the most of working with year 6 pupils.