Drench Youth Cafes

Drench Youth Cafes are a fantastic tool for churches to use to open their doors to young people from the local community, build relationships and offer a springboard to explore the Christian faith.

Our Youth Cafes run during lunch times in local secondary schools, after school (3.30-5.30) in local churches or in the evening (6.30-8pm).

There’s loads of things to do during our cafe sessions like games, cooking, arts & crafts but mostly offers a safe space for young people to drop in and hang out with their friends as well as encouraging them to make new ones!

If you’d like to know more about youth cafes, contact our Youth Cafe Coordinator.

iD – City Wide Youth Worship Event

iD is our monthly worship event for young people aged 11-18 years.

It’s your chance to meet up with young people from across Coventry, so join us from 7-8.30pm at Vineyard church, Mill Street, on the third Sunday of each month for an evening of worship, teaching and ministry.

Check facebook.com/iDcov for more details.

Cov:net Guided Stratey Day

We at CYFC are passionate about seeing local churches ignited, equipped, and released in life changing mission to young people. We believe that a key to this happening is to enable church youth ministry teams to take time out together to dream and plan for future growth as together. In response to this, we run regular Guided Strategy Days for youth ministry teams in Coventry Churches.

Q: What is a Guided Strategy Day?

A: A day to take time out together, take stock of what you are already doing and consider potential for future growth & health.

A strategy day ideally involves several members of a church’s youth team coming together to learn together, consider where their strengths are and how they can grow their ministry.

Regularly taking time to see a wider view of youth ministry can help teams to think strategically about where they have come from, where they are now and where they are going. This gives them the opportunity as a team to dream about and plan for the next steps they need to take.

Gatherings (ideally twice each year) will give teams the chance to review their progress and see how much God has done. For teams these days have the added benefit of building unity, empowering volunteers to have a say and uniting your team under one vision.

Of course, none of this can happen without an understanding of where God is leading your youth ministry in your own specific context, so dreaming and envisioning is an integral part of this learning process.

Finally, it is hoped that these days will give teams the opportunity to look beyond their context as a part of a learning network, having the chance to learn from other groups who may be one step ahead and to share with people who can learn from your experiences.

Date of next Guided Stategy Day:

1st April 2017

We encourage you to come a long with up to five members of your youth ministry team. The cost for the day will £50 per group (5 people max). but we would never want to let cost be prohibitive.

If your church has a youth ministry team, please encourage them to get the date in their diaries,

Places are limited, so please do contact us ASAP to register your interest.

CYFC Charity Auction 2017

On the 5th of may we are excited to present our CYFC Charity Auction for 2017. This event is a fantastic opportunity for us as team to meet some of our amazing supporters and raise vital funds for the growth of our ministry.

If you want to take part in helping us raise money for CYFC at this event then young can do so by either offering an experience, service, or item that we can auction for the proceeds to go towards our ministry.

The whole event is a fun filled experience with other supporters towards a common goal and we would really appreciate your support!

For more information on how you can get involved please email us at admin@covyfc.org


Soul Survivor 2017

We love Soul Survivor! Each year thousands of young people meet together all across the country for teaching, fellowship, fun, and worship and this year we are excited to take an army of young people from Coventry to Stafford.

From 27th July – 1st August we will be going to Soul Survivor to journey with young people and their youth leaders from Coventry and we want YOU to join us.

We are passionate about building connections in Coventry and seeing young people create links with other Christians their age across the city. We believe that Soul Survivor is an opportunity to do just that. So if you want to get involved then make sure to email admin@covyfc.org for more information!

Outworked17 – City Wide Mission

We are running an exciting project over May half term called Outworked. In essence, Outworked is an opportunity for churches and young people from across Coventry to join together in expressing their faith and communicating God’s heart to serve their local community.

During the Outworked project, groups of young people will join, with their leaders, one of the church based projects (ranging from running a community tea dance to gardening!) in one of several locations across Coventry to bring a boost and added enthusiasm to the ongoing work of churches in the area of the project.


How to Sign up:

We would love young people and their leaders to sign up to be part of teams to serve in the various projects  around the city. For more information about how to get involved then please get in touch.

If your church would like to run a local project we can send you a project application form and would love to meet up to discuss how your local project may work. Please do get in touch.

There are many more ways of getting involved in [out]work[ed] other than being part of a team – if you are interested in helping with the administration, provision of lunches or resources for projects, or offering financial support we would love to hear from you! Please contact the Coventry YFC office on (024) 76550257 or email outworked@covyfc.org to get involved!

We look forward to seeing you at Outworked17!

The Mission – Youth Residential

From the 12th-14th of May we are running a residential for young people aged ……….

The mission is an outdoors weekend for young people, exploring biblical themes and developing practical skills. During the time young people will be exploring areas in their lives such as passion, courage, control, and humility.


In this session young people will get to take part in learning the skill of fire-lighting. Through this session young people will be following biblical teaching on what passion is and how it is used.


As part of the session that looks at courage, young people will get the opportunity to be a part of group orienteering where they will be tasked with using a compass to achieve objectives. This session will be exploring biblical teaching on what courage is, why it is important, how we can have courage, and how it helps others.


Young people in this session will have the exciting chance of taking part in learning archery. Through this activity we will explore the values and virtues of self-control and its importance in our life. The teaching on self- control will be rooted in the Bible as we look at it in more depth.


Finally in the last session of ‘The Mission’ young people will engage in learning how to build a lean-to shelter. This session delves into the importance of what it means do have humility in our lives as we follow the example of David in the bible.

The residential is packed with fun and we really want to see a good group of young people come and engage in this weekend journey where they learn virtues that will help shape their character.

For more info email graham@covyfc.org

Youth Alpha

Image result for Youth Alpha

Once again, this autumn we will be our annual running Youth Alpha programme(s) in partnership with local churches.

Youth Alpha is a ten week course designed to help young people engage with the basics of the Christian faith.

Every session is packed with fun, food, teaching, and conversation to help young people grasp the basics a faith in Jesus and his claims to be God.

Sessions include topics such as:

“Who is Jesus?”

“Why did he die?”

“How can I have faith?”

We are planning to run a city-wide Youth Alpha Programme, and also to help churches in geographical regions of the city to work together in running smaller Youth Alpha programmes in their local areas. We will obviously help with all the training and resourcing needed to make Youth Alpha a huge success.

Holy Spirit Day – Saturday November 18th

The biggest part of the Youth Alpha course is the Holy Spirit day. This is a day later in the course that gives young people an opportunity to engage with the Holy Spirit in a real and practical way and experience God for themselves.

CYFC are running a joint Holy Spirit day for all groups taking part in Youth Alpha across the city. The day will run on Saturday the 18th of November and will be a time of fun, teaching, food and worship as we believe that to get a true understanding of what it means to follow Jesus means experiencing worship.

Training day – Monday September 25th

Here at CYFC we are passionate about seeing young people engage with faith in a real way and so we offer practical support for churches who want to run an Alpha course in their area with young people in their communities.

In order to do this we run a training evening on Monday the 25th of September where we encourage everyone who is interested in running Youth Alpha in their setting to come along and find out the ins and outs of what it takes to effectively deliver a Youth Alpha course. The evening takes time to look at group dynamics, atmosphere, and group facilitation. This is also a great opportunity to meet other youth leaders from across the city.


For more information contact alpha@covyfc.org

Instilled – Young Leaders’ Retreat

‘Instilled’ is a residential for young leaders.

The residential is aimed at equipping young people within churches who have shown signs of leadership and helping them to grow in their leadership potential.

The residential will take place from Friday the 3rd of March to Sunday the 5th of March.

‘Instilled’ will be packed with teaching, activities, fellowship, worship, personal time for reflection and rest in order to give the young person a well-rounded experience of growing into the leader God has called them to be.


Then download and fill in our instilled application form and post it back to us with your deposit.

Booking deadline: 16th January