On 15th September 2018, a team of under-prepared cyclists, made up of Coventry Youth for Christ staff and supporters, are going to be engaging in a endurance cycling challenge to raise funds for Coventry Youth for Christ’s ministry to young people. The team will be cycling around Brand’s Hatch racecourse non-stop for 24 hours. And all in order to see more young people’s lives changed by Jesus!

The “Revolve24” Challenge

The course will be a real challenge for the team of riders but will be life changing for the young people who will benefit from their hard work cycling. The challenge of the Brand’s Hatch course will be the need for stamina. It will be a relay, but only allowing riders a few short breaks throughout the 24 hour ride.

Why We’re Doing It

In the inevitable moments of pain throughout the 24hrs of riding though, the team will remember that each rotation of their pedals will make a significant difference to the lives of young people across our city. Every penny raised will go towards Coventry Youth for Christ’s vital work in schools, churches and communities across our city.

Our Target

Our team target is to raise £8,000 with each cyclist aiming to raise £1,000 through others standing alongside them and sponsoring them. Would you be able to join in by supporting the “Revolve24” challenge? Together, we can see more young people’s lives changed by Jesus!